Understanding Blurry Vision

Blurry vision can affect your ability to see up close or far away. Blurry vision can also affect people's ability to do everyday tasks that are often taken for granted, such as driving. At Ritz & Johnson, serving Ocala and surrounding areas, our optometrists can treat the root cause of your blurry vision, helping you see clearly once again. 

Blurry Vision

Causes of Blurry Vision 

Some people may experience blurry vision as a result of refractive error, which means the light doesn't reflect on the retina properly. Instead, it may either focus behind or in front of the retina, determining where you can see clearly and what appears blurry. For those with astigmatism, the light enters the eye and scatters, meaning you may have blurry vision far away as well as close up. 

Some eye health conditions can cause this condition. For instance, you may have blurry vision if you have a detached retina, which occurs when the retina detaches from the back of the eye. Glaucoma can also cause blurry vision. Although it's not an eye health issue, if you have a stroke, it could cause blurred vision. These are merely some examples. 

Diagnosing Blurry Vision 

Our practitioners will begin your appointment by asking you what eye health problems you have been experiencing. During your appointment, our optometrists will ask you what you're having difficulty seeing. Next, you'll have to undergo a thorough vision screening. Our optometrists will perform additional testing if our practitioner believes you could have an eye health problem based on your risk factors and symptoms. Some tests are routinely performed based on your age and risk factors. 

Treating Blurry Vision 

While the treatment for blurry vision depends on your particular vision issues, in many cases, our practitioner will prescribe corrective eyewear to correct your vision. This may include glasses, contacts, or a combination of both. If a particular eye problem causes your blurry vision, we may be able to prescribe prescription eyewear specifically for that issue.

If you'd like a more permanent solution, we determine if LASIK is right for you and provide you with a referral. We can also provide treatment for some eye conditions to slow or halt the progression, so your vision doesn't worsen.

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At Ritz & Johnson, serving Ocala and the surrounding communities, our practitioners offer several options for patients who suffer from blurry vision, such as prescription eyewear. Book an appointment with us today by calling 352-732-7900.

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