Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy in Ocala, FL

Sometimes your eyes and brain don't communicate as they should. Vision therapy can assist children and adults who have vision problems that stand in the way of learning and daily tasks. Lazy eye, double vision and crossed eyes are some of the conditions that may benefit from this treatment. At Ritz and Johnson Fashion Eyecare Center in Ocala, FL, you can receive vision therapy when your optometrist diagnoses a compatible eye problem. 


What Is Vision Therapy?

According to the College of Optometrist in Vision Development, vision therapy conducted under the supervision of an optometrist can effectively treat certain vision problems. Your eye muscles are typically very strong, so the exercises you perform in VT do not aim at strengthening them. During vision therapy, you retrain your eyes with exercises based on neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity describes the brain's ability to reorganize synaptic connections to overcome injury or defects.

Who Is a Good Candidate for VT?

Your optometrist may recommend vision therapy following a routine eye exam that uncovers a related condition. This drug-free, nonsurgical technique can help children and adults gain visual acuity. Training the eyes to track together can aid in the learning process for kids but many adults can benefit from VT too.

Approximately 10% of children have a vision problem that impairs learning and school screenings fail to uncover many of these cases. Come to Johnson Fashion Eyecare Center in Ocala, FL, for an eye exam to find out if your child needs vision therapy. During a full vision exam, our optometrist checks vision, eye health and visual acuity. Find out whether your child has any vision problems that require intervention. 

What Tools Are Used During Vision Therapy?

VT involves progressive vision procedures guided by an optometrist. The eye doctor may tailor the sessions to your particular needs. Typically, you or your child come to our office once or twice a week for half-hour sessions. You may also have to do some additional exercises at home.

The tools and equipment of vision therapy include: 

  • Therapeutic lenses
  • Filters
  • Electronic targets
  • Prisms
  • Occluders or patches

Additionally, VT may include specific exercises to retrain the eyes and brain.

Vision Therapy in Ocala, FL

Come to Ritz and Johnson Fashion Eyecare Center for vision therapy and all your eye care needs. We help clients improve fundamental visual skills and decide between eye correction options such as glasses or contact lenses. Contact us today to set up an appointment in Ocala, FL. 

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