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Ritz & Johnson Fashion Eyecare Center is more than just your source for stylish, name brand frames for the Silver Springs, Anthony and The Villages areas of Florida. We are also your eye doctor for your contact lens exam in Ocala.

Today’s modern contact lenses are designed to fit more people than ever. If you’ve been told in the past that you are not a candidate for a contact lens fitting, now may be the time to schedule a contact lens exam in Ocala at Ritz & Johnson Eyecare Center.

Contact Lens Exam Evaluation in Ocala

During your initial contact lens exam in Ocala, Dr. Boddy will determine the level of vision correction you require. Refractive errors like near and farsightedness or astigmatism will be evaluated by measuring how the eyes focus on a series of lenses are placed in front of them. Your eye doctor in Ocala may use a phoropter or an automated instrument to measure these changes accurately. Once your initial exam is completed, options for vision correction can be explored.

What to Expect from a Contact Lens Fitting

After your contact lens exam in Ocala, Dr. Boddy will determine if frames and lenses or contact lenses are the best options for you. For those suffering from allergies or dry eye, frames may be the better choice. For many, however, contact lenses are a convenient choice. Contact lenses are available in two broad categories of soft or rigid gas permeable styles. Depending on the type of lenses best for you, lenses may need to be changed daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, Due to the shape of some eyes, contact lenses may be hard to fit. Dr. Boddy can help determine the best contact lenses to best fit your eyes. Those in need of specialized contact lenses, like bifocal contact lenses, will find the help they need at Ritz & Johnson Fashion Eyecare Center.

The Growing Popularity of Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Recent advances in contact lens technology have made cosmetic and prosthetic lenses more popular than ever. Your Ocala eye doctor at Ritz & Johnson Fashion Eyecare Center can help you select custom contact lenses to cover any color variation and to produce a natural eye color. If you prefer, select cosmetic lenses to change your eye color completely. Cosmetic contact lenses have become a fashion accessory for some.

Make an Appointment for a Contact Lens Exam in Ocala Today

If you are ready to make the move to contact lenses, call Ritz and Johnson Fashion Eyecare Center today, contact us at (352) 732-7900. Our professional staff looks forward to serving the eye care needs of you and your family. If you live in Ocala, Silver Springs, Anthony or The Villages areas of Florida, we encourage you to make an appointment today.

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