An Overview of Glaucoma from Ritz and Johnson

It is important for everyone to take care of their eyes. At least once per year, people need to make sure they visit an optometrist in Ocala, FL for an annual eye exam. This provides the eye doctor with a chance to catch ocular diseases before they start to threaten someone's vision. One condition that might be caught is called glaucoma. It is important for everyone to understand a few important points about glaucoma. At Ritz and Johnson, we are here to educate our patients on this dangerous condition.


What Is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a serious eye condition that impacts the pressure behind the eyes. There are many types of glaucoma. One is called open-angle glaucoma and an other is called closed-angle glaucoma. Both have to do with elevated pressure behind the eyes. There is liquid behind the eyes that gets cycled on a regular basis. If the outflow tract of this liquid is cut off, then the liquid starts to build up behind the eyes. This causes the pressure to increase and can threaten someone's vision.

In many cases, there are no symptoms at all, to begin with. This makes it hard for people to tell if they are developing glaucoma. Over time, people might start to develop headaches and blurry vision; however, the goal is to treat this condition before symptoms ever arise.

What Are the Treatment Options?

If someone has developed glaucoma, there are a few treatment options. In some cases, an eye doctor might try to use either ocular or oral medications to reduce the pressure behind someone's eyes. Sometimes, this condition is a true ocular emergency. In this case, the doctor might recommend surgery instead. The important point to remember is that a trained eye doctor is going to evaluate each patient on a case by case basis, figuring out the best treatment option for that patient. If you are looking for an eye doctor that can help you take care of your vision, then count on us.

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At Ritz and Johnson, we advocate for the best interests of our patients. As an optometrist in Ocala, FL, we can treat patients who have developed glaucoma; however, we prefer to prevent this condition from developing in the first place. To do this, we encourage all our patients to come and visit us at least once per year for an annual eye exam. If you are looking for an optometrist in the local area who will protect your vision, then please call Ritz and Johnson today. We look forward to meeting you and handling all your ocular health needs!

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