Neuro Lenses

Are Neuro Lenses Right for You?

There is a lot of hype these days around computer glasses and blue light lenses. But do these glasses do anything to help ease eye strain or the headaches that can come with it? For many individuals, a more specially crafted set of eyewear is needed. Meet the neuro lens, which can be prescribed following a regular eye exam. If you live in the Ocala, FL region, and are suffering from frequent eye strain and headaches, our optometrists at Ritz and Johnson can determine if neuro lenses are right for you.


The Link Between Technology and Trigeminal Dysphoria

As technology advances, screens have become an increasing part of our everyday lives. However, staring at screens frequently or for long periods has been shown repeatedly to cause a variety of symptoms known as "Trigeminal Dysphoria." These symptoms can be quite uncomfortable and even painful, consisting of eye strain, headaches, dry eyes, neck pain, shoulder pain, and more.

While specially shaded lenses were introduced some time ago to help filter LED light and hopefully reduce these uncomfortable symptoms, they simply do not work for a lot of people. Fortunately, newer clinical research has shown that these symptoms are caused by the eyes becoming slightly misaligned and improperly focused while looking at screens.

How Neuro Lenses Can Help

Instead of relying on light filtration or using a different colored lens to reduce screen glare, neuro lenses are a forward-thinking invention that focuses on the real source of the problem, the eye misalignment caused by screens. These lenses use a contoured prism that gently causes the eyes to become aligned, reducing the symptoms of Trigeminal Dysphoria. Neuro lenses involve a prescription prism-shaped for your specific vision needs, so you will need an eye exam to get them.

Trying Neuro Lenses

Only an experienced optometrist can determine if a pair of neuro lenses are right for you. During an eye exam, you will be asked by our optometrist to focus on a specific object while we use an eye-tracking measurement device to see how your eyes adjust to other objects being introduced. This will help us determine your level of misalignment and if you would be a good candidate for prescription neuro lenses. Conveniently, most of these tests can be performed in under five minutes and can be incorporated into a regular eye exam.

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