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Cataracts can lead to blindness, or at least significant sight loss, if you allow it to go unaddressed. Fortunately, your trusted eye doctor team at Ritz & Johnson in Ocala, FL can monitor your condition, prescribe treatment as needed, and even help you prepare for and recover from corrective surgery to restore your visual clarity.


A Major Cause of Permanent Sight Loss

A cataract is a collection of proteins that normally remain separate and suspended within the lens of the eye. Once these proteins clump together, they form a milky-white barrier to incoming light, interfering with vision. Cataracts represent a major cause of permanent sight loss worldwide.

Cataracts can develop in a few different ways. The most common type, nuclear cataracts, form in the center of the lens over a period of several years. This type of cataract is associated with normal age-related oxidative damage and UV exposure. Posterior capsular cataracts affect the rear of the lens and develop more quickly than nuclear cataracts. Cortical cataracts start at the outer rim of the lens and work their inward like spokes in a wheel. These less-common types of cataracts may occur due to steroid use or underlying health problems such as diabetes.

You may not notice any change in your vision during the early stage of cataract development. However, as cataracts grow larger and thicker, you may experience blurry vision, notice strange visual effects around bright light sources, and have more trouble seeing in low-light or low-contrast environments.

Evaluation and Treatment Options from Our Ocala Eye Doctor

Our Ocala eye doctor at our clinic can detect cataracts in their earliest forms during a comprehensive eye and vision exam. Regular exams allow us to catch cataracts as soon as they develop. Blurry vision from early-stage cataracts often responds to non-surgical corrective measures such as eyeglasses or contact lenses. We can also provide you with smart tips to slow your cataract growth, such as wearing UV-blocking sunglasses whenever you go outdoors.

If your cataracts reach the stage where we can no longer compensate for the vision problems, we may refer you to an eye doctor who specializes in cataract surgery. In this simple outpatient procedure, the surgeon removes the diseased lens and inserts an artificial lens, permitting light to enter the eye normally again.

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