Macular Degeneration

Macular Degeneration Treatment

At Ritz and Johnson, we are a highly dedicated optometry practice that delivers the most advanced eye care available. Our location in Ocala, FL believes in the importance of an annual eye exam. Early detection is critical for eye conditions that can lead to vision loss, one of these being macular degeneration. With us by your side, you can keep your eyes as healthy as possible. 


What Should I Know About Macular Degeneration?

Macular degeneration can result in central vision loss. Over time, the center of the retina can begin to deteriorate. Our macula is in the middle of the retina, and it is responsible for helping us do things like reading a book, seeing colors, or distinguishing fine details. Macular degeneration comes in two forms, wet and dry, with the latter being the most common. However, wet macular degeneration is more serious. It develops very quickly and can cause blood vessels under the eye to leak fluids. It is possible to develop it in one eye or both.

Are There Symptoms? 

Most macular degeneration cases are the dry form, but the main problem is this condition is progressive.  While we emphasize an annual eye exam, here are a few things you may notice that could be a sign of its development.

  • blurred central vision 
  • straight lines will appear to be wavy
  • blind spots 
  • more difficulty recognizing objects clearly or even people

This age-related condition can create serious damage to your vision, so it is recommended that people over the age of 50 do not skip eye exams with an optometrist. Other risk factors can include obesity and smoking. It can be diagnosed with a routine eye exam, but again, it is important not to wait because you often don't notice any symptoms in the beginning stages.

Are There Treatment Options For Macular Degeneration? 

Unfortunately, there is not a cure for this eye condition, but it can be managed with your optometrist. It's important to listen to the advice from your doctor and stay current on your eye appointments. They may also suggest supplements or provide ways you can adapt your lifestyle to best live with macular degeneration. 

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We believe that our comprehensive eye care services will help you live a healthy and happy life. We have a reputation as being a reliable optometrist in Ocala, FL. Macular degeneration is a serious condition that can only be diagnosed with a professional. Remember, early detection is critical for better treatment. Do your part in taking care of your eyes by scheduling an exam with our friendly team of experts. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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