Custom Made Contact Lenses

Are Custom Contact Lenses Right for You?

If you're thinking of getting contact lenses, the process isn't all that different from being fitted for eyeglasses. There's the visual acuity test and the test to see if you're astigmatic. However, there is an additional step for contact lens exams. You peer into a machine that determines your eyes' dimensions so our optometrists can find the right contact lens shape for your eyes.  


If we discover that your eyes are irregularly shaped or are suffering from severe astigmatism, our optometrists can fit you with a pair of customized contact lenses. Our professional optometry team at Ritz & Johnson help patients with irregularly shaped eyes find a pair of customized contact lenses unique to their needs. We are committed to providing patients in and around the Ocala area personalized eye care services.

Who Needs Custom Soft Contact Lenses and Who Needs Custom Gas Permeable Lenses

Since we are dealing with unique eye conditions that require particular types of correction, our optometrists will recommend either soft contacts or gas-permeable (GP) contacts.

Soft Custom Contact Lens Applications

  • Soft custom contact lenses serve better in cases where the patient has severe astigmatism.
  • For individuals who have suffered accidents or other types of trauma that have left their eyes scarred or disfigured, there are soft prosthetic contacts or cosmetically colored contact lenses to serve their vision and aesthetic needs.  

 Gas-Permeable Custom Contact Lens Applications

  • Multi-focal GP contact lenses can correct atypical forms of presbyopia
  • For those with irregularly shaped corneas that make it difficult or impossible for conventional GP lenses to remain centered, GP lenses can be specially designed to not only fit but to remain in place.
  • For those with correctable vision, we use a special form of gas permeable lenses called Ortho-K. These lenses can be customized to fit the shape of a patient's eyes to wear them overnight while sleeping, letting them gently re-shape the eyes, which helps to correct vision problems.

Caring for Custom Contact Lenses

Custom-made contact lenses need no different care than you would give to conventional ones. However, since they are made to last for longer periods before being replaced, they require you to be especially diligent in doing so. Our optometrists will go over with you the maximum daily wearing time, the recommended replacement intervals, and care products designed to keep them comfortable and reduce the risk of complications.

Contact Us for a Lens Fitting from Our Optometrists in Ocala, FL

If you have irregularly shaped eyes and worry that contacts won't work for you, contact our Ocala team for a professional assessment. We can assess your medical history and current eye health for a thorough understanding of what lenses are right for your eyes. We can set you up with a custom pair of lenses that treat your unique eye health needs. Contact our team at Ritz & Johnson today to learn more about how we can help your eye health. 

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