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Almost everyone has experienced some form of eye fatigue at some point or other — but if you’re struggling with constant eye irritation, blurred vision and other symptoms, that display screen glowing up at you may be to blame. Computer vision is caused by excessive exposure to the bright light given off by computer and mobile device screens, especially all the unseen, high-energy blue light that is given off by today’s modern screens. This problem can create not only ongoing discomfort but possibly also significant eye damage. That’s why you need treatment from your Ocala eye doctors at Ritz & Johnson Fashion Eyecare Center.

Blurred Vision, Eye Strain and Other Computer Vision Issues

Computer vision syndrome (CVS) is a set of symptoms that might be described as a modern-day occupational hazard. Many people spend workday after workday staring at digital displays as a matter of necessity — and most of them also spend their leisure time doing the same thing. But this habit places unnatural stresses on the eyes. For one thing, your eyes’ “blink rate” can decrease by up to 70 percent. These infrequent blinking increases tear evaporation, leaving you with the itching, blurred vision, red eyes and possible corneal damage associated with dry eye syndrome.

But dry eyes aren’t the only ingredient in the computer vision recipe; the frequency of the light is another concern. LED screens generate concentrated amounts of blue light in the HEV (high energy visible) range, which is suspected of playing a role in macular degeneration while also contributing to eye strain and fatigue. It’s worth noting that computer vision syndrome can create even more severe eye strain in people suffering from functional vision problems. Last, but not least, your discomfort may be aggravated by work conditions that provide insufficient ambient light or non-ergonomic monitor placement that cause headaches, neck pain and stiff shoulders.

How Your Eye Doctor in Ocala Can Help

Your eye doctor in Ocala can help you and your loved ones overcome or prevent computer vision syndrome, starting with an initial eye exam. We will ask you about your computer and mobile device usage as well as any history of dry eye or underlying medical problems you might have. Your optometrist may also evaluate your tear production to help rule out non-digital dry eye causes. Treatment and preventative options for CVS include:

  • Tinted or un-tinted computer glasses, with lenses designed to filter HEV blue light
  • Anti-glare lenses on regular prescription glasses
  • Eye drops such as artificial tears
  • Regular breaks from your routine so your eyes can rehydrate through normal blinking
  • Vision therapy to get underlying eye function issues under control
  • Changes to your work environment

Need an Eye Doctor Near Ocala for Computer Vision Relief?

If you’re seeking an eye doctor near Ocala to treat your computer vision, choose any optometrist on our four-practitioner staff! Call (352) 732-7900 to schedule an eye exam, vision therapy or any other care you may need from your Ocala eye doctors!

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