Specialty Contact Lenses

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There are many contact lenses available to people whether they have normal or irregular corneas. We are proud to be able to provide our patients with specialty contact lenses which have a large diameter and a rigid gas permeable central zone.

These specialty contact lenses allow for crisp, clear vision. It’s no wonder so many people have requested them! With the comfort of a soft lens surrounded by a peripheral zone that is made of silicone hydrogel material; there are many different lenses and designs to choose from depending on what will best correct your vision.

There are options that are disposable, or lenses that can last up to a year. Each of the hybrid contact lenses that we carry are FDA approved and are available for patients with high astigmatism, mildly irregular corneas, and the early stages of keratoconus.

Your comfort and eyesight is our top priority. Our caring staff is dedicated to the health of your eyes, and we understand that having specialty hybrid contact lenses can help you to see better than ever!

If you have any questions regarding specialty contact lenses, contact us today at (352) 732-7900.

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