Dry Eye

Dry eye is a common eye condition. Dry eye happens when your eyes do not produce enough tears, or your tears do not provide proper lubrication. It can lead to other problems with your eyes, such as infections in the eyes. When your eyes tear, the tears protect your eyes and when they are not there, it can leave you open to infections. When you suffer from dry eye, it can lead to damage in the eye including abrasions, ulcers, and inflammation. It can impact your daily life by keeping you from reading or driving. If you’re suffering from dry eye and live in or around Ocala, FL, visit Ritz and Johnson for dry eye treatment.


What Causes Dry Eye?

Several different factors can cause dry eye. As you age, your eyes do not produce as many tears as they did when you were younger. This can often cause dry eye. Some medical conditions, such as lupus, diabetes, and thyroid disorders can impact the ability of your eyes to produce quality tears. Many different medications can impact your vision and cause dry eye. If you are taking birth control pills, antidepressants, or even decongestants, you need to pay attention to your eyes and make sure they are not overly dry. The air around you can also impact your eyes. A windy day or smoke can force your tears to dry up too quickly and your eyes remain dry. Another cause of dry eye that may only be temporary and correct itself is a recent surgery. Often, laser surgery can cause your eyes to dry out.

Can Dry Eye Be Treated?

There are some treatments available for dry eye. One of our optometrists will determine what is causing your dry eye and look for an underlying condition that can be treated. You may have a medical condition that is causing your dry eye and our eye doctor will address that condition along with your symptoms. There are medications that can encourage your eyes to create their own tears.

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