Contact Lenses

What to Know About Contact Lenses Provided by an Ocala, FL Optometrist 

Contact lenses are a convenient option for vision correction. They allow you to see to drive and complete your daily tasks without the need for glasses. Fortunately, the process to obtain contacts is relatively simple for a patient. At Ritz & Johnson, in Ocala, FL, we provide contact lens exams and provide a variety of contact types to help manage conditions like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. 


How Contact Lenses Work 

Contact lenses work in a similar way to glasses. They change the way light hits the retina of your eye. Your retina is the light-sensitive tissue in the back of your eye that receives the light and helps in the process of sending the signal to your brain. 

If you're nearsighted, the light reflects in front of your retina. On the other hand, if you're farsighted, the light reflects behind your retina. Astigmatism causes the light to enter your eye and scatter, causing blurry vision. Contact lenses work to refocus that light, so it's on the retina correctly. 

What to Expect During a Contact Lenses 

During a contact lens screening, you'll need to undergo a routine eye health screening to ensure you don't have any conditions that could affect you wearing contacts safely. 

You'll also need to undergo a visual acuity test. During this portion of the exam, our optometrist will ask you to look into lenses with different lines of letters, each at different magnifications. Based on your response, our optometrist can determine the power of your contact lenses. 

A portion of your exam will include a test for astigmatism. This particular screening consists of you identifying which images appear clearest. Based on the results of this screening, you may need to have specialized contacts for astigmatism if your condition is severe enough. 

You'll also need to have a contact lens fitting. For the fitting, our optometrist asks you to look into a machine. This particular device gathers information about the dimensions of your eye, so our optometrist can determine the ideal size of contacts for you. 

Types of Contact Lenses 

We offer contacts for both nearsightedness and farsightedness. We have special lenses that can treat both nearsightedness and farsightedness. These are known as bifocal contacts. We can even size you for multifocal lenses. 

Toric lenses or ones for astigmatism can optimize your vision if you have astigmatism. 

Standard contacts aren't sufficient for conditions like giant papillary conjunctivitis or keratoconus. We offer special contacts to optimize your vision despite these issues. Additionally, if you have dry eyes, regular contacts are uncomfortable. However, we supply contacts with a higher level of hydration for your comfort.  

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