Does Your Child Need Glasses? Check Out These Signs of Myopia in Children

You want the best for your children. Part of that is making sure that they have everything they need to do well in school. If your child is struggling to see, their vision troubles can manifest in many different ways. Our Ocala, FL, optometrist at Ritz and Johnson is here to help. Let's take a look at the definition of myopia, and the telltale signs that your child is struggling to see and would benefit from an eye exam. 


What Is Myopia?

Myopia sounds dangerous, but it's anything but. Myopia is the medical term for nearsightedness. When people are nearsighted, they're able to see objects that are close to them clearly, but struggle to see objects that are further away. Generally, the further away an object is, the harder it is for a person with myopia to see. 

Signs of Myopia in Kids

Since myopia tends to come on gradually, it's easy for both kids and adults to have negative changes in their eyesight that go unnoticed. 

Signs that your child may be dealing with myopia include:

  • A sudden drop in school grades
  • A change in behavior at school
  • Headaches and fatigue at the end of the day
  • Squinting to see faraway objects
  • Coming home from school without notes, or being unsure of assignments that were written on the board
  • Using a cell phone to take a picture of faraway objects, then looking at the picture to get a clear idea of the space around them

If your children are exhibiting these signs, be sure to bring them in for an eye exam right away. 

Our Optometrist Can Help

When your child comes in for an eye exam, our optometrist will talk with both you and your child about your concerns. During your child's eye exam, our optometrist will check for any underlying eye issues, and will check your child's vision. If your child does have myopia, our optometrist will write a prescription for corrective lenses. You and your child can shop for frames in our office, and we'll get them all set up with the vision correction they need. 

Call Our Ocala, FL, Optometrist

If you think that your child may need vision correction, Ritz and Johnson in Ocala, FL, is here to help. Contact us today at (352) 732-7900. We're here to provide you and your family with the eye care you need, from standard eye exams to emergency care. 


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