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Healthy eyes are a healthy part of growing up. It’s impossible to understate the importance of optimal vision for discovering the world, developing physical balance/coordination and learning in school as easily and efficiently as possible. If you want to make sure your kids enjoy optimal eyesight, it’s best to start by scheduling essential care from your Ocala family eye doctor as early in your child’s life as reasonably possible. Here at Ritz & Johnson Fashion Eyecare Center, Dr. Johnson, Dr. Willeford or Dr. Menjivar will be happy to follow a pediatric eye exam schedule that monitors your child’s developing eyes closely.

When Should You Schedule Your Child For An Eye Exam In Ocala

How early is too early for a pediatric eye exam? The truth is that newborn infants haven’t developed the basic eye-to-brain communication necessary for establishing what we consider normal eyesight. It generally takes several months for a baby to develop these skills. That’s why we usually advise parents to schedule a baby’s first pediatric eye exam at 6 months, by which point the eyes should be functioning normally. If they exhibit functional issues such as strabismus (eye misalignment), amblyopia (dominance of one eye over the other) or imperfect eye focus, tracking and teaming, we may recommend measures such as vision therapy, including special exercises to help your kids’ eyes work together and process vision better. We also examine the eyes for diseases that require treatment.

Once toddlers learn to talk, they can tell their Ocala optometrist a great deal more about their visual acuity. We recommend that you schedule another children’s eye exam in Ocala, FL when your child is 3 years old. We can perform more detailed eye function exams while also checking the health of the eyes. At this age we can also tell whether your child is suffering from poor near vision or distance vision due to a refractive error. Special eye charts that let toddlers identify shapes can tell us whether your child might need corrective lenses.

Refractive errors definitely take center stage for your child’s next pediatric eye exam at the age of 5 or 6. Once kids reach school age, the ability to see blackboards, worksheets and test papers (not to mention playground baseballs) becomes critical. Many supposed learning disorders are in fact simple cases of nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. Straining to see the world around you at school is no way to excel academically. Your Ocala optometrist can solve this problem by conducting vision tests and prescribing corrective lenses. Regularly scheduled follow-up exams can ensure that the prescription remains correct for your child’s eyes, which may continue to change for years to come.

Schedule Your Children’s Eye Exam in Ocala FL

Whether your youngster is an infant or a school-age achiever, a children’s eye exam in Ocala, FL can make a tremendous difference in that child’s visual acuity and development. Call (352) 732-7900 for an appointment with your Ocala family eye doctor!

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